Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Choose The Overbrook Neighborhood - Then The House

One common mistake that a lot of people make is to look for a home without first narrowing down a few Overbrook neighborhoods first. This can be a grave mistake because falling in love with a home in the wrong neighborhood is going to lead to heartache if you need to pass it up. Find some neighborhoods you'd like to live in before searching for a house and save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy.

How to find the right neighborhood

Your first contact should be with a real estate agent. An agent knows Overbrook like the back of his hands and can make some helpful suggestions. He can let you know which areas of Overbrook are best to be avoided, which ones are out of your price range and the ones that are right for your present lifestyle.

Seniors areas

There are some parts of Overbrook that are more geared towards seniors. There may be senior condo units in the neighborhood and special community centers there for seniors. Your Overbrook real estate agent may also tell you that there are a lot of seniors inhabiting the homes in the area. If you are a senior and want to be near facilities that are geared towards people in their golden years, let your agent know.


If you are single and are not yet ready to be in a family-oriented community talk to your Overbrook agent. There are a lot of areas in Overbrook that have a large population of singles or married partners without children.


There are many family neighborhoods in the Overbrook area. Your agent can direct you to the best areas based on what you are looking for in the community and your price range.

When you are deciding on a neighborhood, drive around a few of the areas that have been recommended by your Overbrook real estate agent and get a feel for them yourself. You'll know when you have found a good neighborhood because it will feel right and you can envision yourself living there.

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