Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Perfect Kanata Neighbourhood

When you discuss buying property, the expression "location, location, location" usually springs to mind, and that is so true. While it is not uncommon to consider the type of house you want first when you are looking for your ideal home, did you know that finding a suitable Kanata neighbourhood is even more important? If you simply hunt for a perfect home in Kanata without considering the right neighborhood, you may regret it later. It may develop into a potential challenge for you in the long run, to say the least.

Before you decide on a new Kanata neighbourhood, here are some things you need to consider.

1. Is there a school in the vicinity?

If you have school-age children, having a school in the vicinity of your new Kanata neighbourhood is an important factor to take into consideration. When there is a school nearby, you will have less worry about their security and well-being since your children will not have to walk far to reach school. Make sure that you try to find a Kanata neighbourhood that has a number of schools in the community.

2. How safe is it?

Don't ever get caught up in the illusion of a lovely and quiet suburb. You have to ensure that the new neighbourhood you are looking for is not a target for crime. Ask your Kanata real estate agent during your house viewing to help you get the crime statistics and data for various neighbourhoods in Kanata.

3. Does a community center exist in the neighborhood?

You will be able to find a community center in the majority of neighbourhoods in Kanata. Some neighborhoods, however, do not have one. When you see a Kanata community center that looks inviting, take note of its location. You do not want one that is located at the far end of a large neighbourhood if you need to walk the distance with small children.

4. Does it have a local church nearby?

If you regularly attend church, you may want to consider getting a home in a neighbourhood with a local church nearby. This would also depend on your church affiliation since you do not want to end up driving across the city just to reach your regular place of worship if you attend the church often.

5. Is shopping easily accessible in the neighbourhood?

Do you find yourself regularly going out to the nearest store to get a lot of your home supplies and provisions? It is best to look for the ideal Kanata home that is in close proximity to shopping. Also note the different kinds of shops located in the area to ensure that they have whatever you need.

While looking at the various neighborhoods in Kanata, you should consider these points and you should also make up your own personal list of amenities you would you like to have in your new Kanata neighbourhood. Remember to bring this list with you every time you have a viewing appointment with your Kanata property agent, especially when you meet for the first time. This will help your real estate agent direct you to the perfect neighbourhood for you in Kanata.

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