Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate in Ottawa

In the Ottawa Real Estate sector, and all real estate agencies across the board actually, both commercial and residential agents are bound to strict rules of ethics and professionalism. Both areas of expertise agents are required to attend a specified number of hours per year in ongoing education. This is mandatory and can influence the status of their employment. All agents are expected to stay up to date on current issues regarding financing, loans, requirements for home buyers, as well as home sellers. All agents are involved in everything involved in transactions and how they should be conducted and well as when they should be conducted.

Rates and programs available to assist buyers and sellers alike change rapidly. A good agent needs to be on top of the latest facts and figures. This is expected so that the transactions can be made as quickly and efficiently as possible with positive outcome on both ends. It is expected that the agent for either category of properties will guide the client to programs specific to what their wants and needs are. A client expects that either agent, within their realm of expertise will inform them of special pricing or rates that may be occurring at any given moment. A client should be able to count on the agent to lead in an honest and forthright manner.

The specific differences between a commercial and residential agent is basically the extent of training in each category. Whereas residential real estate deals with single or multifamily units, houses, and condos, commercial agents function more in business structures, offices, warehouses, storerooms, and business properties. The training for this sector in most agencies, including Ottawa Real Estate, is specified to particular needs of the business world. They need to have special training on zoning ordinances, spacing, and office square footage issues, placements of bigger equipment in appropriate areas, as well as parking accommodations and borough and county ordinances.

Any business opportunities, franchises, environmental issues and licensing issues that you may need information on or assistance with, can be handled by a good commercial agent. All agents have special access to marketing tools and online areas to help them be the most informed on any and all situations that may arise. All agents have immediate access to current, pricing; list pricing, rebates available and special facts and figures that are needed at a moment’s notice. It is up to the agent to make good use of the tools they have available to them at their fingertips. As with any line of work, you will find good and bad. Hopefully if you are in need of any help on residential or commercial property issues you will have a knowledgeable and informed agent to guide you. The agent can make the road to home or business ownership very pleasant or very confusing for you. You always have the option, as a client to request someone who could better serve your needs. Hopefully your experience will be a great one. 

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