Monday, January 24, 2011

Attract Buyers With Great Photographs For Your Sandy Hill Property Listings

To help you sell your property better, you will have to prepare top-dnotch photographs that can enhance your Sandy Hill property listings and gain the attention of prospective buyers. But do you just whip out your camera and begin pointing and clicking away? If you know what you're doing you can, but if you aren't a skilled photographer it is better to call in a professional. Here are some reasons why your photographs play an important part in the selling process.

A crucial component that will make your listing stand out over the many other Sandy Hill properties listed for sale will be appealing photographs. Like a good advertisement, your listing needs to shout to your prospective buyer when they are surfing the net for a house online at agent websites.

While words are important in selling, a well-taken photograph will speak out and describe itself. Yes, in most forms of advertising, a good copy will definitely help to sell a product, but a photograph can do its own magic in a Sandy Hill real estate ad. Informing a potential buyer that the home you are trying to sell is spacious cannot be compared with a photograph that shows how big your living room really is. You get the idea?

Ask almost any buyer. A listing with no photograph or a badly-taken photograph is usually ignored in most cases. Your property attributes decribed in written form writing does not mean half as much as a picture. Potential buyers will have more belief when they view photographs as compared to only reading descriptions in writing.

An ad copy in text only will tend to only mention the good points about your property, so in fact you could lie your way to a good worded listing. It is harder to exaggerate a photograph. It is what it is. If it appeals to your prospective buyers, it will be the stepping stone towards getting them to schedule a viewing of your Sandy Hill property.

A lot of sellers do not have photographs in their Sandy Hill property listings, suprisingly enough. Most often it is because there is something to hide. Image is everything indeed and if you can spend the time and invest in a well-taken shot of your property and add it as part of your listing, you stand to be ahead of other sellers and increase your chances of getting a sale faster.

Findlay Creek Neighborhood Tips When Purchasing Real Estate For Investment

When you first decide to invest in real estate, you'll have to look for the value of the Findlay Creek neighborhood. So what does value in a neighborhood really mean? A lot when it comes down to future profits.

It is important for you to investigate the city neighborhoods when you have made up your mind to invest in a property. Ask yourself this question: 'Will investing in a swanky neighborhood be cost-effective as a form of investment?' Generally homes in an expensive part of town will cost too much and are not worth your money. While you may be able to find rare gems and bargains once in a while, it is safer to purchase a home in a less classy Findlay Creek neighborhood.

At the same time, you should not focus on real estate in a low class neighborhood either. Some homeowners don't take proper care of their property in these areas. Not only are the properties more difficult to rent, it may also be challenging to sell them in the future.

Be cautious of communities where there are too many homes for sale. There could be an underlying reason for this situation. Perhaps everyone is leaving the town for greener pastures elsewhere since they do not feel safe living there any longer. You do not want to come in and take over such a property.

Visit the local police to ask for crime statistics of the neighborhood to determine if it is a safe place to reside. If you take a look at the multiple listing service or MLS, you can also assess recent property sales in the area. Make an appointment with a real estate evaluator to check for the price averages in recent years and ask if that neighborhood is a good place to invest in property.

Network with fellow real estate investors and get a feel for the value of certain neighborhoods. Ask for recent trends of a given Findlay Creek area and find out its future potential value.

Overall, you need to look for gems in Findlay Creek neighborhoods that are not too luxurious but at the same time are not low-value areas. If an area appeals to you, evaluate its market value as a community and start looking for a property. Remember, the better the area, the better your chances are for landing a great investment deal.

Orleans Real Estate And The Law Of Averages

It is said that there is a house for everybody and that your [] home is meant for somebody. If it is still sitting on the market and has not yet been sold, it simply hasn't been seen by the right person yet. Any real estate agent can tell you that this is very true. Even if the house has dramatic out points, there is still a buyer that is looking for a fixer-upper for it. The only thing that can really stop the sale in its tracks is severe structural damage.

Getting your Orleans home noticed

One of the most important things that you need to find in a Orleans real estate agent is the ability to put your house in front of other people's eyes. The more people that view your house the sooner it will sell. It is just a matter of working with the law of averages and getting the most people through your house as possible. That way you will be able to find the special someone that is meant to purchase your house all the more sooner.

Orleans Real estate agent's role

The end product that the real estate agent in Orleans needs to meet is getting your household sold to your satisfaction. Your satisfaction will be different than another person's. You may be willing to settle on a smaller profit if it means that your house gets sold as soon as possible. If the real estate agent is not able to make as much money out of the deal but gets it sold quickly for you, then he has done a bang up job. Everyone has their own purposes and reasons for selling a home and a real estate agent needs to work alongside these goals to make sure that he gets the final product.

The way this is accomplished is by getting people to see the house. You need to find a Orleans real estate agent that you know can do this efficiently. A constant stream of viewers is going to lead to a faster sale. It is your responsibility to not only find a real estate agent in Orleans that you feel comfortable working with, but one that can get you the product you want in a house sale.

A good listener

The best agent you can find is one that really listens to what you want out of the real estate process. Some people are moving on to a bigger house and need as much money as they can get by selling their existing home. Others need to move fast. Others have to sell a home because of a death in the family and do not want to have any hands-on dealings with the selling process at all, because it is too hard to face at the time. A good real estate agent will also be a good listener and work in tangent with the clients needs, hopes and wants.

If you need someone that will listen to your goals and purposes for selling your house, don't hesitate to call. I have worked with many clients in different situations. Will need to get people looking at your home fast so that it sells quicker and you end up being totally satisfied with the final product.

Ottawa Bungalow Or Two Story?

The debate is on over the best type of house - an Ottawa, Ontario bungalow or a two-story. Both obviously have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes it is just a matter of price that determines the final decision.

If you are in your forties, or older, an Ottawa, Ontario bungalow should be considered. As retirement approaches you need to think about your health in the coming years.  Do you plan on staying in this house until you reach the ripe old age of 95 and are still able to maintain a residence? If so, there is no guarantee on how you will be able to handle stairs at an older age. Stairs can be a big burden for the elderly.

If you're young and healthy and this is a starter home for you, stairs give you a great chance to get exercise without even thinking about it. Think about all the people that have to go to a gym to make use of a stair-master piece of equipment. You'll have it in your own home for free. Going up and down stairs will become such a habit that you'll stay in better shape without even realizing that you're exercising.

Some people also like the idea of different floors for a house. There may be more of a sense of privacy and noise isolation in an Ottawa, Ontario two-story home. Many people have just been raised in a two-story home as a child and prefer it over any other kind of house.

Once you have lived in one type of house for a number of years you can get very comfortable with it. Take a look at the kind of house you have been living in and whether you are willing to consider something different, or whether you are not willing simply because you have grown accustomed  to one type of home. If you think about it, you may actually prefer another style of home over the one you're currently living in.

The price for an Ottawa, Ontario bungalow will vary according to the area of town it is an. It will also depend on how large the home is and what features it offers. The same holds true for a two-story house in Ottawa. One is not necessarily cheaper than another since there are so many variables involved.

If you'd like to talk about the different types of houses available in Ottawa and whether an Ottawa, Ontario bungalow or a two-story would be best, give me a call. I can let you know some thoughts that other clients have voiced about two-stories and bungalows that you may never have considered.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate in Ottawa

In the Ottawa Real Estate sector, and all real estate agencies across the board actually, both commercial and residential agents are bound to strict rules of ethics and professionalism. Both areas of expertise agents are required to attend a specified number of hours per year in ongoing education. This is mandatory and can influence the status of their employment. All agents are expected to stay up to date on current issues regarding financing, loans, requirements for home buyers, as well as home sellers. All agents are involved in everything involved in transactions and how they should be conducted and well as when they should be conducted.

Rates and programs available to assist buyers and sellers alike change rapidly. A good agent needs to be on top of the latest facts and figures. This is expected so that the transactions can be made as quickly and efficiently as possible with positive outcome on both ends. It is expected that the agent for either category of properties will guide the client to programs specific to what their wants and needs are. A client expects that either agent, within their realm of expertise will inform them of special pricing or rates that may be occurring at any given moment. A client should be able to count on the agent to lead in an honest and forthright manner.

The specific differences between a commercial and residential agent is basically the extent of training in each category. Whereas residential real estate deals with single or multifamily units, houses, and condos, commercial agents function more in business structures, offices, warehouses, storerooms, and business properties. The training for this sector in most agencies, including Ottawa Real Estate, is specified to particular needs of the business world. They need to have special training on zoning ordinances, spacing, and office square footage issues, placements of bigger equipment in appropriate areas, as well as parking accommodations and borough and county ordinances.

Any business opportunities, franchises, environmental issues and licensing issues that you may need information on or assistance with, can be handled by a good commercial agent. All agents have special access to marketing tools and online areas to help them be the most informed on any and all situations that may arise. All agents have immediate access to current, pricing; list pricing, rebates available and special facts and figures that are needed at a moment’s notice. It is up to the agent to make good use of the tools they have available to them at their fingertips. As with any line of work, you will find good and bad. Hopefully if you are in need of any help on residential or commercial property issues you will have a knowledgeable and informed agent to guide you. The agent can make the road to home or business ownership very pleasant or very confusing for you. You always have the option, as a client to request someone who could better serve your needs. Hopefully your experience will be a great one. 

Tips for Ottawa First Time Home Buyers

Making the decision to bite the bullet and finally start looking for a home of your own can be a very exciting time in your life. That being said, it can also be a very nerve wracking and apprehensive time for you when you are actually going through the process. It is not an easy feat, that’s for sure, but there are some common sense ways that the first time home buyer should keep in mind along the way to keep things in focus. Focus is the key word. You must keep everything in perspective about what you want and what you really need. You really do need to differentiate between the two.

The first and most important idea you want to keep at the forefront is that you need to live within your means. If you do not honestly evaluate your financial status and know exactly what monies are coming in, compared to how much is being paid out, you are going to find yourself knee deep in debt further down the line. Set your budget for the price range you will look at right off the bat. Do not base that number on the fact that you are expecting to get a raise or a promotion this year. That’s a wild gamble. Go on the facts and figures that you are working with RIGHT NOW. If you don't, it will come back to bite you in the butt sooner than you could imagine.

Don't live on pipe dreams. Know your budget and stick with it. Real estate agents are notorious for telling the prospective first time home buyer that they can afford something much more lavish and expensive. They have a way of tapping into the excitement of it all and pulling you in to believing you really could afford something nicer. Don't fall for it! The agent is not the one who is going to have to rob Peter to save Paul. They will not be the person debating on whether the gas should get paid OR the water, cause you can't swing paying both. And heaven forbid, another child arrives unexpectedly, they won’t be sitting up at night worrying about how you will get enough diapers and food, and a good education for that precious child. It will be you in the middle. Set your budget for the here and now and stick to it.

Keep in mind that, aside from the actual purchase of the home, there will be furniture you need and appliances to purchase, and many other little expenses for moving in that add up very quickly. Make it easy on yourself. After all you don't want to end up buying an overly expensive house that you are   never in enough to enjoy because you had to get 3 more jobs to pay for it. That’s not living. That just exists. Don't fall into that trap. The first house you buy is going to be just that, it’s your first house. It is not going to be your last. Bigger and better things will come your way as you advance in your career or establish better business opportunities.  Everything will change. Your day will come to have that big house on the hill with the white picket fence around it. You want to be happy in your new home and you are excited. Keep that happiness and excitement alive by not overextending yourself. Base your decisions on buying a new home around facts and figures, not fiction. You will be happier in the long run.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

There is so much to be said about Ontario’s capital city.  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is indeed regarded as one of the most affordable cities among 144 international cities. Ironically, the city also rated at number 19 out of 200 cities for having the best quality of life. That speaks volumes about the people, their business ethics, and their zest for life in general. That's not surprising when you realize all the artistic, musical, and cultural opportunities that are made available to the people of this prime city. They do know how to have fun and it shows in their friendly dispositions. Not only have those, the people who make up the 900,000 strong populations seemed to be a very intellectual breed too. There are more doctors, engineers and scientist graduates residing in Ottawa than any other city in the country can even come close too. It is also has well over 1500 high tech companies operating there.

People from all over the world tour this magical city regularly to experience a glimpse of what it’s all about. The city has over 30 museums in it, which is the most of any Canadian regions. The most visited museum, The Canadian Museum of Civilization is in Ottawa. Festivals in this town are in abundance. There is always something to celebrate, whether it's the tulips in the spring, the Blues fest in summer, or The Chambers Music Festival at summers end. In the winter months, it’s a picture perfect winter wonderland with the freezing temperatures and ice skaters galore gathering at the ponds to whirl around a bit. The most famous of the rinks is Ottawa’s Rideau Canal. It is the largest in the entire world. It’s a terrific gathering place, on this naturally frozen pond, for kids, teens, or for romantic rendezvous for all ages. Nothing like a nice cup of hot chocolate afterwards to take the chill off and then get right back to it.  There is always a gathering of minds and spirits and tremendous talent among the Canadians. Physical endurance, as well as stamina is evident by the mass numbers of people involved in biking, skating, hiking, and jogging.

There are over hundreds of miles of trails in and around the city. They are specifically designed to accommodate those who enjoy being next to nature and crave the fresh air and natural beauty the city has to offer. It’s not unusual on a Sunday morning to have miles of the main parkways shut down to vehicles so the bikers and joggers can enjoy yet more space. There is an entire network of recreational paths available to those who care to partake in the splendor of it all. The trails highlight the green, lush land and focus on the cities conservation efforts. There is a marvelous story that accompanies each and every site in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The people who live there will never leave and the people who are passing through on a visit never want to leave.

10 Things to Do and Visit in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada is well known for its architecture, museums, galleries, music, dining, and of course, shopping.  The diversity of its people and the wonderful ambiance around the city make it a wonderful experience in visiting and a great place for those who reside there. You will never want to leave. There is so much to see and do.

One of the great architectural landmarks is the CN Tower. Originally, the tower was built as a center for telecommunications; today it also serves as one of the major, eye catching, and attractions to tourists. It is 113 stories high and has a 2 1/2 inch thick, glass floor that is sure to give you more than a few butterflies as you look down below you.  Another super feature is the glass enclosed restaurant that revolves 360 degrees. If you are brave enough, there is the Sky pod Observation Lookout that goes up 33 stories higher!

For the sports fans, hopefully you can attend one of The Toronto Maple Leafs games. If you are a theater or music buff, there’s always a musical advertised on Kings Street at The Princess of Wales Theater. Museums are plentiful and the Royal Ontario Museum in Queens Park is a delight for adults and kids alike. It is a marvel to see. The museum has 4 humongous carved totem poles, the largest being around 80 feet high, that rise up out of the center of the stairwells. The museum houses over 6 million pieces of fascinating objects in archeology and science. There are over 40 galleries of art.

Shopping is an extraordinary affair at The Path, the world’s largest underground shopping center that connects downtown and the business district. You will find stores, places to eat, and many areas to just sit a spell. You will need that! Plenty of maps are readily available if you lose your way. Another shopping area you won’t want to miss is Honest Eds. It is a true bargain store. You won’t miss it. It has a sign that is lit up with over 100,000 lights! China Town is another adventure in shopping where you can find great deals on clothing and a wide array of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean food to feast on.

If you want to get out of the high energy levels of the big city in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, get out into the little neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own special charm. You check out the Polish bakery in Roncesvalles. If antiques are your niche, you certainly won't want to pass up a visit to a Leslieville to browse some quaint little shops with a style all their own.

Be sure to get a ride on the trackless train ride through High Park to get a stunning and magical view of the parks gorgeous 399 acres of lush land. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of it all. You are definitely going to want to think about spending much more time in Toronto. There is so much more to discover. 

10 Things to Do and Visit in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

If you were looking for getting out of town and take the family on a nice vacation that will not break the bank, a visit to Montreal, Quebec, Canada would be ideal. The city is bursting with excitement and filled with energy all year round. There is a wide array of activities and sights to see that are sure to please every age group. The best part is that it does not cost a lot. In fact, there are tons of things to do, which are low cost or free. There will be no problem jam-packing your days and nights with fun and excitement for all. You can experience the whole package, make some wonderful memories, and still come home with some money in your pocket.

If you are planning your trip in the winter, you will want to check out one of the free skating ponds around and in the city. Parc La Fontaine in the Plateau, Beaver Lake at Parc Mont Royal, The Quays of the Old Port of Montreal and Parc Jeanne-Mance are just a few sites you can count on to have a blast. The Montreal High Lights Festival in February is something you will not want to miss. The festival offers a free ice slide and skating, plus music and fireworks. It is topped off with the Montreal All-Nighter where the city never sleeps. Everyone stays up all night to listen to live music, dance, and skate. The grand finale is a free breakfast at 4 AM. What more could you ask for? You are certain to have a ball.

If you are a nature buff, you will not want to miss out on biking or hiking to the summit of Mount Royal where you will have a spectacular, majestic view of the entire city. If you happen to be there on a Sunday morning there, the Tam Tams will be going on. It is an outdoor drum jamming festival. If your Sunday is not complete without church services, you must get to the 11 AM mass at the exquisite, beautiful, and historical Notre Dame Basilica. It was built back in the 1800's, and it will take your breath away.

Walking tours are also available. They say that the best way to experience all that the city has to offer is on foot. If you are interested in self-guided tours, there are many sites online where you can download trails with directions and interesting information about all the places you will be stopping at, before you go. Be prepared for a great adventure.

End your day on the Montreal Dinner Cruise aboard The Cavalier Maxim. Savor a delicious meal in the glass-enclosed dining room and listen to good music out on the terrace later. It would be a perfect way to end the perfect day, taking in all the beauty and charm that Montreal, Quebec, Canada has to offer.

Looking at Ottawa Townhouses for Sale? Here are Things to Know

Townhouses are not for those who need to be in control. That is to say, townhouse-owners don't get a say on anything outside the dimensions of the structures themselves. This may just be perfectly fine, however, for those amongst us who don't care for custom landscaping. As far as the inside goes, it's all up to you: that means, if your heart should desire, posters on ever all and any lava lamps or bean bag chairs chosen as adequately tacky décor. If you have an urge to live in Canada and buy a townhouse, Orleans is as good a place as any. With a townhouse, Ottawa can be an endless bachelor party, and one that requires little maintenance; none on the exterior at least.

Owning a townhouse is an immensely better option than being tethered to a rental agreement and a landlord's set of rules. Rules are minimal, and freedom is optimal with a townhouse. Ottawa is a good place to purchase a duplex or triplex or any other form of townhouse if you have a particular desire to reside in Canada. This could be the cheapest mode of life that requires only a slight lifestyle change. While you are reeling in the healthcare benefits, even more money is being saved on a mortgage that is significantly less than that of a house or any rental agreement. With an apartment, you get nothing out of it. With a townhouse, Ottawa can provide a returned investment by way of ownership and a maintained value. Sufficient maintenance would be indubitable as the exterior is regularly attended to by the association, assured by a fee, in spite of residential wear and tear. Not only that, living in a townhouse, Ottawa or anywhere else, often provides amenities and creature comforts comparable to those of a four-star hotel, such as a pool, laundry room, and other functional/recreational facilities.

A townhouse, aside from its allowance of moderate reckless behavior, can also ensure an amount of security, as townhouses, Ottawa will ensure it. Additional obligations beyond pecuniary ones are not something generally preferred in a living accommodation, and such are especially in low supply with a townhouse. Ottawa can be good place to purchase a townhouse for young couples or single businessmen, people with enough on their plate to want to do more than come home and relax or find sustenance. If you buy a Canadian townhouse, Ottawa will ask nothing more, and your neighbors might only ask to borrow a cup of sugar or guitar tuner.