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Selling Your Springridge Orleans Home Quicker – 3 Tips To Help Get It Done

There are a lot of factors you’ll need to consider if you are trying to sell your Springridge Orleans home. Here are some important tips to help you sell your property in Springridge Orleans quicker and squeeze out as much profit on it as you possibly can.

1. First of all, you should maintain the cleanliness of your home. Keeping your home spick and span is an essential part of selling your home quickly. You would not want to buy a house that is messy yourself, would you? If your house is not up to expectations, your Springridge Orleans property agent will be reluctant to show it to potential buyers. It is your duty to maintain the home to look its finest as long as it remains unsold. If you have cash to spare and no time to maintain your home, hire a house cleaning service. A clean house is a critical component of the sales process and your small investment is next to nothing in contrast with the profits you will gain by having your home sold in the shortest time possible.

2. You should consider doing a house viewing of other homes that are on sale in Springridge Orleans during their open house days and get a feel of what it is truly like as a home viewer. You will be very amazed at what you come across. You will need to visualize yourself as a potential buyer so that you can go through and feel what it is like when other potential buyers view your home. You will find it easier to pick the brains of a potential buyer when you do your very own home inspection yourself. This way, you can improve your house accordingly.

3. You should stay in good communication with your Springridge Orleans property agent. Listen to his priceless advice and let him guide you through the whole buying process. With his vast experience at selling Springridge Orleans homes, he is aware of the kind of things buyers search for when buying a home. Top real estate agents know the game very well and have their own techniques to help sell a house in Springridge Orleans fast. You will do well by listening to their advice. Remember, all you want is to sell your home quickly.

You can benefit from these tips by putting them into action and the most important thing is to sell your home in Springridge Orleans in double quick time.

Selling A House In Springridge Orleans- When A Family Home Needs To Look Like A Family Home

When you are selling a house in Springridge Orleans that is located in a family neighborhood, it is best to make a child's room even if there is no child living there right now. The house will sell faster since it is being positioned to appear as a home that will welcome children into it.

Only a few pieces of furniture should be placed in your child's room before displaying it to potential buyers, as this room is likely to be the smallest in the house. Keep it simple by placing a bed, dresser, nightstand, lamp and even a bookcase in the room to help make the room more spacey and appealing to buyers. Place a few pictures on the walls, colorful sheets on the bed along with a child's stuffed animal, turn on the lights, and a child's room is ready to be seen.

It is extremely important to show a child room in your family house if kids are not currently living there. If you have three or four bedrooms, the children's room is likely to be the room that attracts the most attention from future buyers, especially given the fact that you live in a family neighborhood.

It is a well-known concept that family homes in Springridge Orleans sell much more efficiently and faster when the bedrooms of kids are displayed effectively. Knowing the target market of your house is very important, as it will allow you to set up your house in a way that will be both appealing and comforting to the potential buyer. Keeping the furnishings simple and minimal, you can project your child's bedroom to its maximum beauty.

When a family with children walks through a house without children's bedrooms, they sometimes find it hard to decipher if the house is suitable or appropriate for their kids. They might be wondering where their children would play, or if there is even a room that would be good for their kids to sleep in. It is often extremely difficult for families to visualize how the house would look once they move in, since potential buyers typically have less imagination that you might think.

Selling a house in Springridge Orleans can be done more effectively by giving viewers what they want to see. In a family neighbourhood, most will want to see a children's room. Give the buyer what they want to see and they will want to buy it.

Trails Edge Orleans Real Estate Properties – High Market Value Areas

Trails Edge Orleans real estate properties located in prime areas are often sold for more than the asking price. This might look very unfair but there are good reasons for this trend. Some of the major reasons that have lead to this include:
Trails Edge Orleans real estate properties located in prime areas always retain or increase in value. Most people do not mind paying more than the asking price simply because with time, the value of the house goes up and you can make a tidy profit if you were to sell off the property in the future.
Good school district
Home owners in prime areas pay high amounts in terms of property tax. The money is invested in the school district leading to good schools easily available in that area. Any prospective buyer with school-age children will pay a hefty amount because of this factor.
As stated above, Trails Edge Orleans real estate property owners pay a high amount in terms of property tax. This leads to that area being well-supplied in terms of important amenities like water, power, roads, shopping malls and other things. This makes that area very attractive and prospective home owners are willing to dig deeper into their pockets to own a home in that area.
Awareness among sellers
Sellers have a good understanding of how the property market works and how the value of property will increase in the future. They are also aware of the fact that demand is higher than supply. With this knowledge, they will price the Trails Edge Orleans real estate property very high, knowing that they will get a buyer.
High demand with low supply
Demand for Trails Edge Orleans real estate properties always exceeds supply in these neighborhoods. The natural result of this is an increase in the selling price of the homes.
Real estate is driven by location. The location of a property will determine how that property is priced. If you are looking for a home in a prime location, you join a long list of people looking to own property in the same area. Needless to say, it is the person who offers more for a property that will end up owning the property.

Make Your Trailsedge Orleans Home Work For You By Turning It Into An Investment

Your Trailsedge Orleans home is the place you hang your hat but it can also become a lucrative investment. By switching things around in your house with some minor or major renovations you can increase the market value considerably. This can be planned whether you are thinking about moving soon or not.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are renovating your Trailsedge Orleans home for profits.

Make sure money can be made.

When an investment is being considered, work out whether or not the money spent on the job can be made back by doing the work. Set up an appointment with a real estate specialist in Trailsedge Orleans to find out if the changes would reflect a higher market value. If there is no money to be made or if the market seems a little shaky, it is probably best not to go through with it.

 Invest with a Partner

It can be a very wise decision to invest with a partner. Solo ventures are more risky and there is a lot more to lose. Sharing the burden of everything that comes with turning a Trailsedge Orleans home into an income property can relieve a lot of unneeded stress and pressure.

Learn through experience

When it comes to turning a first Trailsedge Orleans home into an income property, experience is not only important, but crucial to the success of the venture. Always go with the more experienced workers when renovating the home, even if you have to pay a bit extra to get it done.

Making the Right Budget

Figuring out your budget can be a very long and hard job. From material to labor everything must be covered or you risk the chance of the job stopping halfway through due to a lack of funds. It is a very good idea to add twenty five percent of the total cost of everything to the budget. This gives room for mistakes and unforeseen expenses.

 Stripping a house means discovering more problems.

If you decide to do some major renovations on your Trailsedge Orleans home, realize that the last person who owned the house may have simply renovated on top of an already old existing structure. Over time these structures deteriorate and can cause a lot of unforeseen expenses and problems.

Always work with a real estate agent before doing any renovations that are investment-based. He can give you an idea or about renos that can add value to your Trailsedge Orleans home, and in some cases, these tips can be worth thousands.

Maintaining A Downtown Ottawa Condo

Owning a condo can be a big responsibility. Having the latest trends and styles in the condo can make all the difference when it comes to selling a Downtown Ottawa condo or even just enjoying the time spent in it. Things like decorating and furnishing are key when it comes to creating a beautiful living space.

The Right Way


When it comes to the decoration of your Downtown Ottawa condo it is important to remember that everything must flow together and the proper contrasts must be present. Decor should always be set up in a way that is fairly general across the board when it comes to what people are looking for. When it comes time to sell, having the right decor can boost the value of the property significantly.

Fine Wood Finishes

Wood finishes can be very impressive to look at when done properly. Always make sure to either hire a professional to do the work or to at least consult one. Do not venture out and try it alone. This can end in disaster. In a lot of cases paint is used to brighten things up. When it comes to smaller sized living spaces such as condos, however, a nice dark wood stain, different styles of finished woods and a unique cherry wood can boost the look and value. As well, wood finishes can be used for many different things around the house besides the floor. Decorating cupboards can be very visually rewarding. Stairs, railings and banisters can be made to look above ordinary with a simple wood finish.

Living Clean

For condo dwellers in Downtown Ottawa it is pretty well accepted that they must limit their items and clutter. Due to the small amount of storage space generally found in condos there is not really any choice. Storage lockers can be rented out to relieve condo owners from having the problem of dealing with too much and too little space. With a clean living space it is possible to actually see what kind of potential a space has.
The Wrong Way

Poor Color Choice

Choosing the right colors, when not going with a wood finish, makes all the difference when it comes to having a flowing decor. Choosing colors like brown, purple, lime green and orange can be very harmful to the value and appeal of the condo when it comes time to sell your Downtown Ottawa condo. While there may be a specific color that stands out amongst the others, it is important not to pick it if there is little chance of others liking it. Always consider that colors should be chosen based on the overall concept and feel that is being created by the condo’s furnishings and decor.

Oversized Furniture

You’ll have to make the right choice when it comes to choosing between comfortable or practical. Comfortable couches are often big and in a condo this may not be the right choice. Big couches and other large furniture can turn a fairly large open space into a crowded stuffy room. Also, it is not necessary to overspend on furnishings. Always look for the best deal that is available.

Don’t overflow the living space with furniture that would be basically the same in a smaller size. Keep the look of your Downtown Ottawa condo clean and neat and you will have a much better chance of selling it fast when the time comes.

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Is A Ottawa Condo Life What I Really Want?

It can be tricky trying to imagine yourself in a condo setting if you have never have the chance to experience it for yourself. If you have been a homeowner for years or are considering your future options for retirement, here is a glimpse into the life of a condo owner.

Watch the work get done

As a Ottawa condo owner you won't have many responsibilities. You'll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself a lot more since the gardening, lawn and general maintenance will be provided for you. This is perfect for someone that wants to enjoy their retirement without having to worry about the things that take up so much time when you own a home.

Enjoy the social setting

If you are a social person you'll love Ottawa condo living. This will be a close and personal setting for you to get to know your neighbors in the common areas around the grounds. Life is not always rosy and there may be a few grumpy tenants, but if you learn to ignore them a condo can be a rich and rewarding social environment to live in.

Feel safe and secure

Most condos have extra security so that you don't have to waste your time worrying about your home being vandalized or broken into. Thieves don't like security cameras or gated entrances. This is a big benefit to condo living that is really important.

A lot of people would never trade Ottawa condo life for a single family home. If you are social and enjoy the company of others, want to live in a safe environment and want to watch others mow the grass for you, take a second look at what Ottawa condos have in store for you.

Color Up Your Ottawa Condo For A Great Effect!

Bored with your Ottawa condo and ready for a facelift? Try pulling out a few cans of paint to make a dramatic effect in no time at all!


If you don't have a "green room", make your own! Get some green paint and paint one of your rooms. Use various tones of green for more excitement and buy some potted plants to set around the room. You can even purchase a green flowered border for the walls to make the room stunning. This can be done in any room such as a living room, kitchen, bedroom or even a bathroom. Green is fun, lively and calming at the same time.


If you are ready for a big change try making one of your rooms red. If you think it is a bit too much just paint the borders red and then add red accessories to the room. You'll certainly see the difference when you make a radical change to red!

Pink and brown

When done correctly these colors look simply elegant. Go to a paint store and mix and match these colors until you find 2 that complement each other well. Paint the walls pink and the borders brown or vice-versa. Accessorize as necessary to complete the effect in your Ottawa condo.

You won't believe the difference when you make an uplifting change to your Ottawa condo. You'll feel better about your living space and will probably find yourself more productive as well. Just remember to check the terms and conditions of your condo agreement to make sure that painting the walls or borders in colors that aren't neutral is fine and then go ahead and start painting!

Clearing The Clutter Before Your Ottawa Move

Moving can be a very stressful time, to say the least, but there is one thing that you can do to really take a lot of the frustration out of your Ottawa move. You can de-clutter well before moving time to reduce the load being moved and to make things a lot easier on yourself.

Moving is the action of packing up your valuables and possessions and then moving them to your new place. A lot of people confuse this action with organizing. They are, in fact, two completely different cycles that need to get done before the move takes place. Trying to do them both at the same time is a major cause of moving stress.

Organize beforehand

Take the organizing part of your Ottawa move and do it on its own before the packing starts. Make sure that it is completed before moving onto the packing part. Do not mix them together.

If you have some time before your move, get the organizing done right away. This will free up some of your valuable time between the de-cluttering and the packing. This will give you time to make some other arrangements for the move and get all of the paperwork in place.

Packing, when done only as packing and not organizing, is in itself quite a simple process. Moving from one room to the next in an organized fashion is fast and easy - especially if you have already gathered together the correct packing materials.

If you are planning a Ottawa move in the future and want it to be virtually stress-free, follow the advice above. Packing itself is simple. The problem comes about when you try to do other things with it.

Buying Your First Ottawa Home - Co-Buying Options Part 2

There are so many things to consider if you want to buy your first Ottawa home with somebody else. What if one party no longer wants to own the house, wants to sell and the other one isn’t ready yet? What if there is a sudden emergency and one party can no longer work or is unexpectedly let go from his place of employment for one reason or another? These situations can easily arise from time to time and the best way to handle them is by implementing some basic principles and rules before any official signing takes place.

When one party wants out

What would happen if one person no longer wants to have a part ownership in the property? Can they sell their percentage of the property to another person?

Yes they can unless it is specifically mentioned in the paperwork. One thing that can be done is to allow the co-owner that will be remaining on the property a chance to buy out the other co-owner's part of the Ottawa home. There may be other provisions that may be allowed depending on what part of the country you live in. It is best to contact a real estate agent to find out more details.

This is a very important point to get straightened out at the start. If, for example, you don’t want to sell and your partner does, he may end up selling his share to someone you don’t particularly like. It all depends on the wording in the contract and the laws where you are located.

Buying your first Ottawa home does not have to be a financially binding chore, especially if you choose to share the ownership costs with someone you trust. You just need to ensure that everything is set in place to cover the bases in case someone opts out of the deal later on or an unforeseen event occurs.

Buying Your First Ottawa Home - Co-Buying Options Part 1

If you are having a hard time scraping together the money required to make a down payment on your first Ottawa home you do have an option that you may not have considered before. Have you ever thought about co-purchasing a home with one of your close friends or relatives? This may be the solution that you need to start investing your money into Ottawa real estate.

A lot of people overlook this option since it is quite a jump to take on a business relationship with a friend or member of your family. Also, this kind of endeavor must only be made with a trustworthy person. Anyone that has not yet reached this level within your trust group should not be used for this type of arrangement since many friendships have been ruined when business becomes a part of the relationship.

Making an agreement

Once a verbal agreement has been made it will need to be transformed into a legal one. It is advisable to use a real estate attorney that has drafted up this sort of agreement before.

A lawyer that has experience in co-ownership agreements has seen the kinds of potential problems that can come up in the future. While all may seem promising during the first discussions, things can become heated later on and can cause this type of ownership to turn into chaos. For example, if anything is not fully understood between the two parties involved it can create confusion down the road. When everything is in writing, however, these are easily cleared up to everyone's satisfaction.

Think about the possibility of investing in your first Ottawa home with someone else if you are short on a down payment and don’t want to wait any longer to get started. It really is a lucrative option that can get you towards home ownership much sooner.

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Bungalow Home for Sale in Wendover, Ontario - Bank Owned

Attractive, one bedroom semi-detached bungalow home for sale in Wendover (Alfred & Plantagenet) on a corner lot. Only 30 minutes from Ottawa, it is perfect for the working couple or retirees looking to downsize. The high ceiling on this open concept main floor allows in plenty of natural light. Basement is unfinished so you have the potential to add more rooms at will! Come take a look! Call today 613-889-7732
Listing Price: $175,000 |
Home for Sale in Wendover Ontario
Repossessed Home for Sale in Wendover OntarioRepossessed Home for Sale in Wendover Ontario

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Coming To Terms With Downtown Ottawa Green Real Estate

Anyone who has experience with Downtown Ottawa green real estate knows that it works. This highly efficient and practical method of real estate marketing is beneficial to all involved. Green real estate is a somewhat new development that can decrease your ecological footprint and reduce your bills.

What green real estate means 

Investing in Downtown Ottawa green real estate is a way for people to reduce their waste outflow and the intake of energy into their homes. It benefits the homeowner, renter and the planet. Reducing the need for dependency on gas and other expensive means of lighting, heating and cooling of the home can be quite simple.

New Construction

If you are building a Downtown Ottawa home either as an investment or for yourself, you can increase its value and efficiency by making it green. There are a lot of things that you can do to your new house to increase its efficiency such as installing proper windows and doors to prevent air from entering or escaping from your home. Building your house using the correct insulation value will help make your home green. You should install a highly effective furnace and air conditioning system. You can also make your home as airtight as possible. The construction and design of the rooms and exterior walls, as well as the actual placement of the house can help with this. Another possibility is to use solar panels as a way of generating energy for your house.

Existing houses

Many people believe that they cannot make their Downtown Ottawa house green since it is already built and designed but it is possible to fix it up in such a way that it could be considered Downtown Ottawa green real estate. Things like updating old furnaces and air conditioners will greatly improve the value of the house while making it more energy efficient. Other things like re-insulating your house and installing new energy-efficient windows and doors are fairly simple and will have a great effect on your bills. You can switch to appliances that use minimal amounts of energy and reduce the use of water. All of these things will help you create a green property with great value and at the same time minimize the effect you are having on the environment.

Having a house with air leaks and a wasteful furnace and air conditioner will affect your bills and the environment. Making the choice to go green is beneficial in all aspects. Downtown Ottawa green real estate is an up and coming new trend which will likely be the way of the future.

Buying The Right Downtown Ottawa Condo For A Couple

If you are thinking about making a Downtown Ottawa condo purchase as a couple you will have many things to consider. The condo you’ll be searching for is dependent upon your needs. A lot of people are looking for a low cost and low maintenance condo that is in the heart of the city, while others are looking for higher-end condos outside the city that are more spacious and have high security. Whatever it is that you are looking for in a condo, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Condo Value

It is important to make sure that the condo you buy is worth the money. You do not want to spend a lot of money on something, just to find out later that you could have gotten it a lot cheaper. Hiring a home inspector and appraiser is something to consider for your Downtown Ottawa condo purchase. You’ll better understand the condition of the condo as well as whether or not it is worth the asking price.

Condo Expenses

Living in a condo offers a lot of great benefits. These benefits vary from one building to the next depending on the association you choose. Take some time to learn about the association. If you do not do proper research and learn everything you can about the benefits, you may end up feeling cheated and unsatisfied.

Condo Location

Location means a lot when it comes to price. Usually when you are inside the city it will be more expensive while the further you move away from town the cheaper it gets. This is only a general rule, however, since many condos are higher-end types simply because of their size, exclusiveness, and design, and not because of their location.

When looking to make a Downtown Ottawa condo purchase as a couple you need to be aware of the value, benefits and location of the condo. You’ll be able to find the right condo at the right price in the location you want the most when you know exactly what you are looking for.

Buying Quartier Vanier Real Estate At An Early Age

If you are a young person and are considering the purchase of Quartier Vanier real estate, you’ll need to be aware of the risks and advantages of it. First of all, there are some basic requirements that you will need to have fulfilled before signing any papers.

How to be approved to buy real estate

In order to be eligible to purchase real estate property the first thing you will need is good credit and a lump sum of cash. Seeing as most people do not have two or three hundred thousand dollars in cash lying around the house, good credit will be necessary in order for a real estate transaction to take place. This means approaching a bank as a first step and asking for a mortgage. The lender will let you know how much they can lend you and the details of the loan. Then you will need to ensure that a down payment, usually a small percentage of the total cost of the property, is available for you to give to the sellers when signing the agreement. This seems very complicated, but if approached properly it can be very straight forward.

What to do after approval

It is recommended that you get in contact with a professional real estate agent that can assist you in finding a house that suits your needs and is within your price range. It may seem easy and simple to find a house with these requirements, but you will find that there are a lot of issues that can turn up. For example, you may find the perfect house within your price range just to find out later that it is right across from a cemetery. Having a real estate agent on your side will make the search easier and you’ll save a lot of time.

How to maintain your good credit

The most important thing when buying a house with a mortgage is to ensure that all payments are made on time. You’ll have to be honest with yourself about how much you can actually pay at the end of each month. Do not bite off more than you can chew. If you do, you may find yourself without a home and out thousands of dollars.

As a young person you may not have experience in buying Quartier Vanier real estate, but you can still make it go right and end up satisfied and content. This takes dedication, time, and a lot of effort - but is very possible. Without the thousands of dollars needed for the straight purchase of a property, a loan will be required. This means you need to be approved, find a house within the budget that meets your needs, and maintain a steady flow of mortgage payments. All of this is definitely within reach for many young people who are considering their first Quartier Vanier real estate purchase.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Establishing Credit For Your First Downtown Ottawa Home Purchase

If you are a young adult or couple and are thinking about purchasing your first Downtown Ottawa home you'll have to take a look at your credit first to make sure that you can qualify for a mortgage. Your credit history is the first thing that a lender will consider when qualifying you for a mortgage. If your credit file looks bad, you won't be considered for a mortgage even if you have a secure job and enough money for a down payment. A good credit history is your best friend when it comes time to purchase your first Downtown Ottawa home.

Establishing credit

One of the easiest ways to establish credit is to apply for a credit card. If you don't yet have one, fill out an application for one right away. Even if you don't believe in using credit cards for your shopping, they are the fastest way to establish a good credit history. If you already have a credit card and haven't been using it, you should be.

You don't have to make incredibly large purchases and run up a huge debt on your credit card in order to build up your credit rating. Just make a couple of small purchases and make sure that you pay off your card in time. Even if you only buy something that is worth $20 once a month, the fact that you take responsibility and make your payments on time shows that you are able to handle credit wisely.

You can take a look around for credit cards that do not charge an annual fee. This means that it will not cost you anything to use your card at all since you do not have to pay interest on it if you pay off the balance in time.

Take out a small loan

Another way to establish credit is by taking out a small loan at your local Downtown Ottawa bank. A small $1000 or $2000 loan can be taken out and repaid in a short period of time. You don't even need to spend the money that you borrow if you don't want to. Simply set it aside to pay back the loan to show that you are a responsible borrower.

The sooner you start establishing a good reputation handling credit the better off you'll be once you are ready to ask for mortgage. Any lender is going to pull a record of your credit file to determine if you are a high risk or whether you are a good candidate for a home loan. If you are thinking about purchasing your first Downtown Ottawa home in the near future, start establishing your credit immediately.

Dogs And Downtown Ottawa Condos- Sometimes They Mix And Sometimes They Don't

If you are thinking about buying an Downtown Ottawa condo and currently own a dog there are some things you are going to have to look into first. Some condominiums allow dogs and some don't and you are going to have to find a condo that welcomes dogs with open arms to protect yourself in the future.

You see, while some condos say that they will accept dogs, some really don't welcome these animals and in some cases there may be things going on behind the scenes to change the dog policy.

An uncontrolled dog can really wreck havoc on a condominium building. If an elevator is carpeted it doesn't take long for stains to appear from dogs that can't wait to get to the bottom and head outside. If the elevator is floored, small puddles can appear out of nowhere and be left unhandled by inconsiderate dog owners.

Make sure that the dog policy in the Downtown Ottawa condo you are looking at is supported by most of the condo dwellers. A good way to find out about this is to ask how many owners have a dog. Dog owners will support a dog policy.

You do not want to move into in Downtown Ottawa condo where dogs are allowed in but are frowned upon. You want to be welcomed into the new building as a dog owner.

The best thing you can do is find a building that is dog friendly and introduce your dog to your neighbors as soon as you move in. You can let them know that your dog is safe and introduce yourself as a responsible dog owner that will do everything possible to keep the interior of the building free of any doggy messes and will take full responsibility of your pooch outside as well.

Unless you are prepared to have to give up your dog at some point, you'll need to make sure that the policy to allow dogs into the Downtown Ottawa condo building is strong and will probably remain in effect for many years. This is the best way to avoid a problem in the future if you are committed to your loyal canine companion and don't want to have to move out of the condo later on.

Choose The Overbrook Neighborhood - Then The House

One common mistake that a lot of people make is to look for a home without first narrowing down a few Overbrook neighborhoods first. This can be a grave mistake because falling in love with a home in the wrong neighborhood is going to lead to heartache if you need to pass it up. Find some neighborhoods you'd like to live in before searching for a house and save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy.

How to find the right neighborhood

Your first contact should be with a real estate agent. An agent knows Overbrook like the back of his hands and can make some helpful suggestions. He can let you know which areas of Overbrook are best to be avoided, which ones are out of your price range and the ones that are right for your present lifestyle.

Seniors areas

There are some parts of Overbrook that are more geared towards seniors. There may be senior condo units in the neighborhood and special community centers there for seniors. Your Overbrook real estate agent may also tell you that there are a lot of seniors inhabiting the homes in the area. If you are a senior and want to be near facilities that are geared towards people in their golden years, let your agent know.


If you are single and are not yet ready to be in a family-oriented community talk to your Overbrook agent. There are a lot of areas in Overbrook that have a large population of singles or married partners without children.


There are many family neighborhoods in the Overbrook area. Your agent can direct you to the best areas based on what you are looking for in the community and your price range.

When you are deciding on a neighborhood, drive around a few of the areas that have been recommended by your Overbrook real estate agent and get a feel for them yourself. You'll know when you have found a good neighborhood because it will feel right and you can envision yourself living there.

Best Findlay Creek Village Neighborhoods For Families With Children

Do you have children?

If you are currently enjoying the family type of life you'll be looking for a specific type of Findlay Creek Village neighborhood. There are specific neighborhoods that are more suitable for families than others and it is important that you target these areas when you are performing a home search.

You'll want a school nearby that has an excellent reputation. You'll want a community center with programs for children, neighborhood parks and a community family spirit.

Your main concern, however, when you are looking for Findlay Creek Village real estate when you have a child is safety. In the United States there is a registry for sex offenders that can be accessed. This should be done first to make sure that there are no sex-offenders in the immediate area.

In Canada, there is no such registry with open access, but you can still find out if there are any halfway houses in the neighborhood you are interested in. These houses are not lit up with a big sign announcing that criminals that have just been released from jail are currently residing there. They are unnoticed buildings that look just like a part of the community.

Family spirit

If you move into a neighborhood that is full of other families you will be able to feel the community spirit that is alive and child-oriented.

Children will be playing in their yards, you may see youngsters riding up and down the sidewalks on their bicycles and parents will be gathered in a friendly group discussing the latest neighborhood news. This is the type of atmosphere you should be looking for when shopping for a Findlay Creek Village home for you and your family.

Your Findlay Creek Village real estate agent has more details about community safety and the family oriented parts of Findlay Creek Village. Don't be afraid to ask about these very important subjects before confirming your choice of neighborhood.

Accepting A Lower Offer For Sandy Hill Real Estate - When A Lower Offer Might Be Considered

If you have an a home on the Sandy Hill real estate market you can expect to receive some offers that are lower than what you are asking. If you are wondering whether you should consider these offers you should first look at how long the property has been listed and how well the Sandy Hill market is doing.

How long it has been listed

While you may be thinking that your home has been on the Sandy Hill real estate market for a long time, you should first find out how long an average home in Sandy Hill stays on the market. This will give you a better idea of the time needed for most homes to sell. If your home has been listed for 80 days, and the average home sells in 110 days, you'll know that you are still well below the average and may not want to take a lower price yet.

Your Sandy Hill real estate agent can let you know how long it takes on average to sell a home in the area. There may be different averages for the different communities around Sandy Hill as well.

How the Sandy Hill market is doing

Find out what the market condition is in Sandy Hill and then learn how the market is doing in your part of town. Housing trends are constantly changing and will affect how fast your home will sell. Again, your real estate agent will be able to let you know the market conditions and what you can realistically expect.

When you need a fast sale

Another factor you'll have to consider when you are presented with an offer that is less than the asking price is how desperate you are to sell. If you aren't in a hurry, you can afford to wait it out until you receive a better offer. If you need to sell quickly, however, and want to avoid paying a double mortgage because you have already purchased another house, you may want to consider accepting a lower offer as long as it is reasonable.

It is always a good idea to work out the lowest price you would possibly accept before any offers are put in. This gives you more stability since you will already have a starting point to work with. You can talk to your Sandy Hill real estate agent to work out a price that you feel comfortable setting as a minimum.

A Basic Guide To Investing In Sandy Hill Properties

If you have been thinking about getting your feet wet by investing in Sandy Hill properties there are a few basic things you should know first. These suggestions will help you get a general idea of what you should be looking for when you are interested in Sandy Hill investment properties.

1. Look for properties with high resale values in Sandy Hill

Some of the Sandy Hill investment properties that are available look like they are a good deal until they are assessed for their resale value. If you are planning on buying a Sandy Hill property in order to resell it later, the resale value is one of the most important things to keep in mind. It does not matter if you get a good deal on a property if you are not going to be able to sell it easily later on.

2. Look at the market in the neighborhood

It is not important what the market is in Sandy Hill if the neighborhood you are purchasing your investment property in does not have good statistics for property sales. A city can be doing well for property sales while one neighborhood could be experiencing difficulties for one reason or another. Be sure to check on the market of the neighborhood before closing a deal.

3. Emotional purchases

You must never allow your emotions to become a part of a Sandy Hill real estate investment. You may like the look of the building because it reminds you of a pleasant experience you had in your childhood, for instance, but this does not relate to profit. Keep your emotions separate from the business deal and base your decisions upon statistics and trends only.

4. Find the right location

You should treat the purchase of your Sandy Hill investment property as you would the purchase of your own personal home. Tenants are going to be looking for similar things that you would be wanting in a neighborhood where you live. Try to think as one of your future tenants would and purchase an investment property in a great location in Sandy Hill.

These are the basic rules you should be following when you are starting to dabble in Sandy Hill investment properties. To find out more about picking the proper location and market in the Sandy Hill area, don't hesitate to give me a call.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OREB MLS® Real Estate Statistics April 2011

Members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board sold 1,536 residential properties in April through the Board’s Multiple Listing Service® system compared with 1,814 in April 2010, a decrease of 15.3 per cent. The five-year average for home sales in April is 1,612.

Of those sales, 316 were in the condominium property class, while 1,220 were in the residential property class. The condominium property class includes any property, regardless of style (i.e. detached, semi-detached, apartment, stacked etc.), which is registered as a condominium, as well as properties, which are co-operatives, life leases and timeshares. The residential property class includes all other residential properties.

“Sales in April 2010 soared well above average in advance of the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario last July. Normally in Ottawa, we see a brisker sales period beginning at the end of April or early May, but last year’s spring market started earlier by about three months due to the HST. That surge in sales pushed April’s five-year average up significantly; it’s not out of the ordinary for about 1,500 homes to be sold in April in our market,” said Board President Joanne Tibbles.

“Home prices still continued to rise at the usual moderate rate last month, demonstrating a solid demand for resale homes in Ottawa. Re-sale housing inventory is up 17.2 per cent from this time last year, indicating that Ottawa is clearly in a healthy, balanced market,” Tibbles added.

The average sale price of residential properties, including condominiums, sold in April in the Ottawa area was $351,226, an increase of 5.4 per cent over April 2010. The average sale price for a condominium-class property was $255,232, an increase of 2.1 per cent over April 2010. The average sale price of a residential-class property was $376,090, an increase of 5.4 per cent over April 2010. The Board cautions that average sale price information can be useful in establishing trends over time but should not be used as an indicator that specific properties have increased or decreased in value. The average sale price is calculated based on the total dollar volume of all properties sold.

Source OREB

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Building Lot for Sale / Land For Sale Blackburn Hamlet Ottawa

Great opportunity! Build your dream home in the heart of Blackburn. Private approach to a 75×142 buildable lot. R2N Zoning(duplex or single) Huge pvt lot with mature trees, irr. lot. Across from NCC parkland.Frontage of 30.21 (9.21 meters) Full service at lot line includes,nat-gas,bell,cable,water,sewer. Taxes to be assessed. Must see,one of a kind. Call 613-800-2211 to learn more.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Resale homes sold more quickly in February - 2011

March 3, 2011 : Resale homes sold more quickly in February [2011]

Members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board sold 936 residential properties in February through the Board’s Multiple Listing Service® system compared with 1,030 in February 2010, a decrease of 9.1 per cent.
Of those sales, 213 were in the condominium property class, while 723 were in the residential property class. The condominium property class includes any property, regardless of style (i.e. detached, semi-detached, apartment, stacked etc.) which is registered as a condominium, as well as properties which are co-operatives, life leases and timeshares. The residential property class includes all other residential properties.

“Once again we’re seeing sales numbers very close to the five-year average for February, which is 962 sales. It’s important to note that the homes that sold last month did so far more quickly than in January, spending an average of just 33 days on the market. As well, prices rose slightly more than they had in the previous two months which indicate we still have a very steady market here in Ottawa,” said Board President Joanne Tibbles. “This tells us that there is a demand for resale homes in Ottawa, and that when buyers see the home they want, they’re going after it, perhaps even going up against other bidders,” Tibbles added.

The average sale price of residential properties, including condominiums, sold in February in the Ottawa area was $338,408, an increase of 6.7 per cent over February 2010. The average sale price for a condominium-class property was $260,112, an increase of 6 per cent over February 2010. The average sale price of a residential-class property was $361,475, an increase of 6.9 per cent over February 2010. The Board cautions that average sale price information can be useful in establishing trends over time but should not be used as an indicator that specific properties have increased or decreased in value. The average sale price is calculated based on the total dollar volume of all properties sold.

Source OREB

The Perfect Kanata Neighbourhood

When you discuss buying property, the expression "location, location, location" usually springs to mind, and that is so true. While it is not uncommon to consider the type of house you want first when you are looking for your ideal home, did you know that finding a suitable Kanata neighbourhood is even more important? If you simply hunt for a perfect home in Kanata without considering the right neighborhood, you may regret it later. It may develop into a potential challenge for you in the long run, to say the least.

Before you decide on a new Kanata neighbourhood, here are some things you need to consider.

1. Is there a school in the vicinity?

If you have school-age children, having a school in the vicinity of your new Kanata neighbourhood is an important factor to take into consideration. When there is a school nearby, you will have less worry about their security and well-being since your children will not have to walk far to reach school. Make sure that you try to find a Kanata neighbourhood that has a number of schools in the community.

2. How safe is it?

Don't ever get caught up in the illusion of a lovely and quiet suburb. You have to ensure that the new neighbourhood you are looking for is not a target for crime. Ask your Kanata real estate agent during your house viewing to help you get the crime statistics and data for various neighbourhoods in Kanata.

3. Does a community center exist in the neighborhood?

You will be able to find a community center in the majority of neighbourhoods in Kanata. Some neighborhoods, however, do not have one. When you see a Kanata community center that looks inviting, take note of its location. You do not want one that is located at the far end of a large neighbourhood if you need to walk the distance with small children.

4. Does it have a local church nearby?

If you regularly attend church, you may want to consider getting a home in a neighbourhood with a local church nearby. This would also depend on your church affiliation since you do not want to end up driving across the city just to reach your regular place of worship if you attend the church often.

5. Is shopping easily accessible in the neighbourhood?

Do you find yourself regularly going out to the nearest store to get a lot of your home supplies and provisions? It is best to look for the ideal Kanata home that is in close proximity to shopping. Also note the different kinds of shops located in the area to ensure that they have whatever you need.

While looking at the various neighborhoods in Kanata, you should consider these points and you should also make up your own personal list of amenities you would you like to have in your new Kanata neighbourhood. Remember to bring this list with you every time you have a viewing appointment with your Kanata property agent, especially when you meet for the first time. This will help your real estate agent direct you to the perfect neighbourhood for you in Kanata.

The Expert's Guide To Finding A Home In Morgan Grant

Getting in touch with a qualified and knowledgeable real estate agent in Morgan Grant is one of the simplest ways to get started when you begin looking for a home in Morgan Grant .You may easily lose your focus if you only surf real estate websites on the Internet that exhibit stunning pictures of homes and make them appear like beautiful palaces. By  only looking at pictures depicting Morgan Grant homes for sale, it is possible for you to get swayed into making a rash buying decision since the homes may not be as good as they look. The Morgan Grant home may actually be in a mess or have hidden structural problems that can trigger unexpected, serious problems in the long run.

A qualified Morgan Grant real estate agent can guide you towards a home that is within your budget and get you a deal that works best for you. Having viewed and shown to other prospective buyers the homes you see on the Internet, Morgan Grant agents are better able to honestly describe the real condition of each home that is being offered.

Property agents in Morgan Grant also know the true market value of houses in various parts of Morgan Grant . They can tell you in a snap the sort of prices homes in different Morgan Grant neighborhoods will fetch. A similar home in one locality can have a $100,000 price difference, or more, when compared to another in a different suburb. Your real estate agent will be able to determine if the selling price represents a fair indication of its real market value in Morgan Grant .

Hunting for a home yourself can result in a lot of wasted time and resources. You should hire an experienced real estate agent in Morgan Grant to save your time and energy. The agent will be able to evaluate your ideal home requirements and show you the best value for money properties in Morgan Grant that fit into your budget.

Keep in mind that a real estate agent's income is largely dependant on giving the best service possible to their clients before concluding a sale. You can be assured that they will try their very best to help you get the perfect home in Morgan Grant . If you need anything or have a question about homes in Morgan Grant , call me up and I'd be happy to talk more about it with you.

A Fixed Rate Mortgage and an Adjustable Rate Mortgage in Ottawa - A Simplified Version

If you are trying to secure a mortgage to buy a home in Ottawa, there are two types of mortgages you can choose from; a fixed-rate mortgage or an adjustable-rate mortgage. You may not be familiar with these mortgage terms at all, but you will find an easy explanation of both terms below. You can also call your Ottawa real estate agent who can explain to you more in-depth details so you can better understand the difference.

Fixed-rate mortgage

On average, the rate of interest for a fixed-rate mortgage is higher than it is for an adjustable rate mortgage. Due to likely hikes in the rates of interest over the period of the mortgage, credit companies in Ottawa need to make up for any losses that may occur if and when the rates of interest increase. For the majority of people buying a home in Ottawa, this mortgage provides peace of mind since you will not expect the monthly payments to increase for many years.

Adjustable-rate mortgage

This mortgage has a lower rate of interest than the fixed rate loan at the start of the loan term, but it has a repayment that is uncertain over time. When the rates of interest spike during the term of your loan, your monthly repayment rates will follow suit. This is quite risky for most people that are looking for a home in Ottawa. It is a gamble, but all in all it is a risk that many choose to take in order to get a cheaper interest rate for the first few years.

The interest rate difference will depend on the current rate of interest at the time you take out the loan. You should seek a qualified loan professional for solid advice about getting a fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage. They will be able to advise you accordingly, based on the present interest rates. There is no right or wrong kind of mortgage. It is more a matter of what you need, based on your current financial situation.

Buying a home in Ottawa is an exiting time. I can show you why the time is now to get a new home and answer questions you may have about both of these mortgage types.

A Ottawa Real Estate Agent - How An Agent in Ottawa Can Help you Sell Your Home

Is having a Ottawa real estate agent something that you actually need? You have heard of others selling their own homes, and you may have considered doing it on your own as well. It is important to understand though, that almost everyone who tries selling their own home in Ottawa is really leaving money on the table. Sometimes this can add up to be thousands of dollars, due to the lack of supervision by a Ottawa real estate agent. Yes, obtaining guidance from a property agent can earn you more profit than you think.

Even though a Ottawa real estate agent makes a commission on your home sale, if you compare the profit you stand to lose without hiring a professional property agent, the commission is a paltry sum indeed. These qualified experts have so much experience under their belts and can determine the best prices when it comes to selling property.

When you hire a qualified Ottawa real estate agent you'll know that you are getting someone who can negotiate on your behalf and squeeze out the best deal for you. You will want to hire a professional Ottawa agent to get the absolute best price possible for your Ottawa home.

No one wants to undersell their Ottawa house and it is the agent’s role to help you sell your property in the shortest possible time at the highest price. You'll see a higher profit from the sale by getting a Ottawa agent to visit your house and give you a few ideas that can easily add to your bottom line. Agents are masters of their trade and deserve every penny they receive in commissions.

A good Ottawa real estate agent is able to help you raise the value of your Ottawa home considerably by suggesting some minor repairs, a new paint job or some rearranging. Their time and valuable experience can help you get more for your home - and that really is the bottom line. You really should be taking advantage of your Ottawa property agent to help you make a better profit from your home sale.

A Ottawa real estate agent is a necessity when it comes time to sell your home. Agents want to make selling a home a positive and profitable experience for you and want to take all the hassle out of getting it done. You can call me if you want an expert on your side that is ready to help you get more for your Ottawa home.

A Ottawa Home With Termite Damage - Is It Worth Buying?

If you end up buying a Ottawa home with a termite damage problem, chances are you will be biting off more than you can chew. Termite damage is unnoticeable in most cases, and having a home with this type of damage will usually be too difficult and challenging to handle. The damage caused by termites can be disastrous, and you may wish to find out more prior to purchasing a home in Ottawa with termite issues.

Look at the amount of damage.

You will be unable to determine the amount of damage in a termite-infested home in Ottawa unless you start looking at the underside of the carpets if it has wood flooring. If you suspect that there are termites within the house, you can also fully inspect the house by moving the household appliances, opening walls and checking out the ceilings. If you find serious problems around the house, you may have to engage the services of a pest-termination crew in Ottawa to assess the extent of the damage done to the house structure.

How much will it cost?

The cost of hiring a pest contractor in Ottawa may run into thousands of dollars to completely eliminate the termite problem. Check with the house seller to find out if he is offering to pay the costs of getting rid of the termites in the house. This needs to include the costs of damage that has been done to parts of the house as well. If you really adore the Ottawa house you are viewing, you may want to stall your buying decision and really think twice about it. Is it really worth the distress and wasted time involved to handle all the damage that has been done over time?

You can contract pest controllers to inspect the Ottawa home you are looking at for termite damage. If you suspect that a home you are viewing is infested with termites, do not hesitate to hire a Ottawa pest exterminator to do a thorough evaluation of the house. The small cost of hiring a company may cost you a lot less in the long run.

Do feel free to contact me should you require more details about homes with structural problems and pests. In some cases they can be handled easily, but in other cases you should simply run away as fast as you can from a Ottawa home with termite damage.

Ottawa Condo Buyers - Answers To Some Common Questions

If you are looking for a great deal on real estate, you may have some of these Ottawa condo buyers questions. Every day you can find hundreds of houses that have been put up for sale in Ottawa and are waiting for a buyer. To help you find that ideal Ottawa condo that you really want, here are several frequently asked questions and their answers.

Question 1. Should I use the services of a real estate agent?

If you want to save time, get the best price and avoid any type of hassle, you should really look into hiring a Ottawa real estate agent. An experienced agent will be able to assist you by narrowing down your available choices and negotiating for the best possible deal.

Question 2. Will I be able to afford one?

To answer this question, you should talk to your financial consultant together with your Ottawa real estate agent so that they can help you identify a sensible buying price and a loan that you can easily afford to repay monthly. You can apply for a pre-approved loan at that point and start your eager house hunting.

Question 3. Can I obtain a mortgage loan?

It will all depends on your level of finances and your credit score. Ottawa condo buyers have to prove to their lending institution that they have been able to manage debt well in the past and are a good risk. You'll have to speak to a Ottawa loan specialist and then fill out an application. Your past financial accounts and your present income will be assessed.

Question 4. How much of a down payment will I need?

It depends. Different financial institutions have their own set of criteria for their mortgages. In most cases you will be expected to pay at least 10% to 20%. The more money you can put down for a payment, however, the less interest you will have to pay.

Question 5. How do I get started?

The first thing you need to do is contact a Ottawa real estate agent. You will find out whether you should start house-hunting immediately or whether you should take some time to put some things in order first.

If you are considering a new condo and becoming a Ottawa condo buyer in the near future, give me a call. I can let you know if we should schedule an appointment and look through your options.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1 Bedroom Condominium at Place des Gouverneurs - HomeLife Capital Realty

IMMACULATE 1bed/1bath condo in Luxurious Place des Gouverneurs!  Impeccably maintained by original owners. Spacious, bright kitchen with plenty of cupboard space and Gorgeous Granite countertops and Breakfast Bar.  Open concept Living/Dining room with gleaming hardwood floors, large window and patio door to balcony.  Lovely master bedroom with walk-in closet, cheater door to Bathroom.  Professionally painted 2011. Call it Home Today! Minutes to downtown, the St-Laurent Shopping Centre and many shops. A stone throw from the TransitWay.
Asking: $257,000
Call today to book your showing! 613-800-2211!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Benefits Of Vanier Commercial Real Estate

There are many different reasons why people to go into the business of buying Vanier commercial real estate. There is great money to be made in this profession, but that is only one of the many reasons people choose to play the game. Other reasons include skill building, community building, quantity of real estate acquired, effort put in, and influence potential. These reasons are explained in detail below.

Skill Building

Acquiring Vanier commercial real estate is not a monotonous job by any means. It requires many different skills within a variety of different social environments, which promotes creativity and problem solving skills. Every day on the job is different and there are always opportunities for networking.

Community Building

This line of work promotes community growth, which is very rewarding. It also involves increases employment for people in the community by fixing up old buildings to re-sell, and allows for increased affordability of homes for community members.


The quantity of real estate to be sold is very high, making it a job with a lot of security. There is no worry in this profession that there won’t be enough investment opportunities to go around for both amateurs and professionals in the field. This Vanier commercial real estate game ensures long-term self-employment and great monetary returns.

One of the best things about the Vanier commercial real estate profession is that the amount of time and effort put into each deal is the same and completely independent of the reward you can receive from it. In most other professions it is the opposite; to receive maximum benefits you have to put in maximal effort. This is not the case in the real estate business.

Influence Potential

In commercial real estate, it is always best to get the most out of property investments. Instead of paying the entire initial investment, it is more beneficial to borrow part of it. In this way, the total cost can be quite a bit lower, thus maximizing the return.

There are many more benefits to this profession and it would be impossible to list all of them. This is a rewarding job for each person in the trade and they each have their own favourite aspect of the job. There is a lot of money to be made, but that is only part of the picture of what Vanier commercial real estate is all about.

Questions To Ask When Viewing Prospective Vanier Homes

Purchasing a Vanier home can be a daunting and stressful experience. Before putting pen on paper for a down payment, here are several important questions you should be asking.

Questions To Ask

Hear are some common questions you must always ask when you intend to buy real estate, though you should add your own questions and make your own list as well. As everyone will have their own needs and requirements when it comes to buying a home, you should create your own personal list of questions that you can ask your Vanier real estate agent. Remember, you are different from others and may have your own taste when it comes to owning a home.

1. Do not hurry into making any decisions. The very first question you should ask is about what you want. What is the kind of house you prefer? Do you want a big house? What kind of facilities nearby would you like to have? If you are preparing to have a family in a couple of years, will the house be big enough for your children? You should create you own list and have some persistence. If you are fickle-minded, you could regret your purchase decision if you do not feel comfortable in your own Vanier home later.

1. The second question you should be asking is the type of neighbourhood you want to reside in. Make a shortlist. This way you can find out if the price range within the area will fit your budget or if the homes offered for sale fit your requirements. Again, you do not want to end up buying a home you could end up regretting.

2. Do not hurry into making any decisions. The very first question you should ask is about what you want. What is the kind of house you prefer? Do you want a big house? What kind of facilities nearby would you like to have? If you are preparing to have a family in a couple of years, will the house be big enough for your children? You should create you own list and have some persistence. If you are fickle-minded, you could regret your purchase decision if you do not feel comfortable in your own home later.

3. When you start viewing the homes for sale in Vanier, you should ask about the period of time the home has been up for sale. This way, you can negotiate the price if  the house has been on the market for quite awhile. An owner that is keen to sell his house will be more open to negotiating a deal if the house has been put up for sale for quite a while without having found a buyer.

4. What is the age of the house and how is the condition of the home? Take note that most sellers spice up their home with some refurbishing work when they intend to sell their home so you should look out for signs of damage. To inspect for hidden damage you should hire a home inspector to check the house for you to ensure there is nothing wrong with it. It would be disastrous to buy a house with structural damage.

5. You should also find out if the home has been in escrow before and if yes, why did the sale not go through? Did the prospective buyer have issues with his finance or was there something amiss about the house?

6. Are there any additional fees besides the price of the house? Check to see if you will incur any extra costs, for example association fees, when you purchase it.

7. If you have school-age children or are planning a family, you should check out the nearby schools in the Vanier neighbourhood. What kinds of schools are there and are they good schools? Also, check the crime rate statistics in the neighbourhood. Ask your agent for more information.

8. How much is the property tax for the home? Find out early to avoid getting an unwelcome surprise when the property tax bill arrives in the mail. Many home owners make the mistake of not checking and end up paying hefty property tax bills they could avoid.

9. Is the home easily accessible? Find out the route to get to your home if you are coming back from work or if you are out shopping. Is there only one way to get to the house or are there several routes you can take to arrive safely home? How long will it take for you to get to work everyday? This is really an important but often overlooked consideration when buying a new home.

10. Is the neighbourhood noisy? What can be worse than waking up to noisy neighbours or having a busy road in front of your Vanier property? If you are really keen to buy a certain house, try to drive by the area on a weekday, a weekend, and in the mornings and evenings. Is the place serene and quiet or is it a busy neighbourhood? Another point to think about is whether your prospective home will share a wall with someone else. Try to drop by when your potential neighbours are at home to find out if they are a noisy bunch. Nothing is more valuable than having good neighbors when living in your own home.

These are a few of the many questions you should be asking before you decide to buy a Vanier home. Hopefully, the questions listed above can kick start a series of questions you need to ask when viewing properties you intend to purchase.

Preparing for a Barrhaven Real Estate Purchase

Before you begin searching for a house in Barrhaven, you should understand a few vital things about a Barrhaven real estate purchase. It is best to know everything you can before diving in and completing the purchase. Here are a few things you can do to get better prepared for the home-buying process.

1.Exercise Self-Discipline

You should set up a budget for a new home and you must stick with it no matter what. You will find Barrhaven homes that are above your budget and you need to ignore them no matter how strong the temptation is to check them out. Only focus on the homes in your price range. You must also keep in mind that there are other administrative costs when buying a home, so plan properly to avoid getting into a tight spot financially. Making rash financial decisions doesn't work when it comes to making a Barrhaven real estate purchase. You may make a decision you'll regret later.

2. Create a Plan

A lot of homebuyers make a Barrhaven real estate purchase without a concrete plan of action. If you take the time to find out the process involved for purchasing a property, you'll save a lot of time, energy and money. Good planning for a Barrhaven home purchase is crucial since it involves so many variables. Find out all the costs involved, the legalities, the paperwork and all of your options for each. After all, this is going to be your house and your responsibility as soon as it gets transferred into your name.

3. Look for a qualified Barrhaven real estate agent

You'll need to hire a qualified property agent in Barrhaven that can help you search for your ideal home and help you with your purchase decisions. When you are viewing homes with your real estate agent, do ask him as many questions as you can about the Barrhaven homes you visit so that you can make a thorough and informed decision when you are finally ready to buy.

Chances are that if you rush into a purchase without proper planning you will run into a mistake somewhere along the line. Be prepared for every aspect of the process and let your real estate agent guide you through it gently. Together you can make your Barrhaven real estate purchase smooth and prosperous.

First Time Barrhaven Ottawa Homebuyer Checklist

One of the most important decisions that will be made during your life is purchasing your first Barrhaven Ottawa home. It is is an adventure you'll never forget and if everything is well-prepared ahead of time it will be a smooth journey. To help you embark on this forward path to Barrhaven Ottawa home ownership, here is a checklist you can use. It covers the things you'll need keep in mind while searching for a home in Barrhaven Ottawa.

The cost

This may very well be the most important factor that will influence your final decision on a Barrhaven Ottawa home. Before you even think about what kind of home you want, and where you would like it situated, you need to really know how much you can spend on one. This cost must be set in stone so that you end up with a Barrhaven Ottawa house that you really know you can afford.

If you're not sure about affordability you can contact a local Barrhaven Ottawa real estate agent for help. You can even schedule an appointment to sit down and work out the costs involved and how much you can spend.

The condition of the home

If you are at all handy, you can sometimes save thousands of dollars on a Barrhaven Ottawa house simply by purchasing it "as is" and then working on it yourself. If you want a home that is in absolutely perfect condition when it is purchased, it will cost you more in most cases. There are many other determining factors for the price of a home, but if you see a few minor repairs needed, this opens the door for negotiations between you and the seller.

The area

Barrhaven Ottawa has different areas where the prices are higher than others. Your Barrhaven Ottawa real estate agent can go over the average prices of homes in different communities so that you'll have an idea of the best place to look. You can also let your agent know that you prefer a certain section and would like to be informed if any hot deals become available in the near future.

Many Barrhaven Ottawa home buyers have made the mistake of rushing into a home purchase without first establishing a few basic goals for the type of home they are looking for. Take a few minutes to go through this checklist with a Barrhaven Ottawa agent to make sure that you are shopping for the exact home that you need.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Attract Buyers With Great Photographs For Your Sandy Hill Property Listings

To help you sell your property better, you will have to prepare top-dnotch photographs that can enhance your Sandy Hill property listings and gain the attention of prospective buyers. But do you just whip out your camera and begin pointing and clicking away? If you know what you're doing you can, but if you aren't a skilled photographer it is better to call in a professional. Here are some reasons why your photographs play an important part in the selling process.

A crucial component that will make your listing stand out over the many other Sandy Hill properties listed for sale will be appealing photographs. Like a good advertisement, your listing needs to shout to your prospective buyer when they are surfing the net for a house online at agent websites.

While words are important in selling, a well-taken photograph will speak out and describe itself. Yes, in most forms of advertising, a good copy will definitely help to sell a product, but a photograph can do its own magic in a Sandy Hill real estate ad. Informing a potential buyer that the home you are trying to sell is spacious cannot be compared with a photograph that shows how big your living room really is. You get the idea?

Ask almost any buyer. A listing with no photograph or a badly-taken photograph is usually ignored in most cases. Your property attributes decribed in written form writing does not mean half as much as a picture. Potential buyers will have more belief when they view photographs as compared to only reading descriptions in writing.

An ad copy in text only will tend to only mention the good points about your property, so in fact you could lie your way to a good worded listing. It is harder to exaggerate a photograph. It is what it is. If it appeals to your prospective buyers, it will be the stepping stone towards getting them to schedule a viewing of your Sandy Hill property.

A lot of sellers do not have photographs in their Sandy Hill property listings, suprisingly enough. Most often it is because there is something to hide. Image is everything indeed and if you can spend the time and invest in a well-taken shot of your property and add it as part of your listing, you stand to be ahead of other sellers and increase your chances of getting a sale faster.

Findlay Creek Neighborhood Tips When Purchasing Real Estate For Investment

When you first decide to invest in real estate, you'll have to look for the value of the Findlay Creek neighborhood. So what does value in a neighborhood really mean? A lot when it comes down to future profits.

It is important for you to investigate the city neighborhoods when you have made up your mind to invest in a property. Ask yourself this question: 'Will investing in a swanky neighborhood be cost-effective as a form of investment?' Generally homes in an expensive part of town will cost too much and are not worth your money. While you may be able to find rare gems and bargains once in a while, it is safer to purchase a home in a less classy Findlay Creek neighborhood.

At the same time, you should not focus on real estate in a low class neighborhood either. Some homeowners don't take proper care of their property in these areas. Not only are the properties more difficult to rent, it may also be challenging to sell them in the future.

Be cautious of communities where there are too many homes for sale. There could be an underlying reason for this situation. Perhaps everyone is leaving the town for greener pastures elsewhere since they do not feel safe living there any longer. You do not want to come in and take over such a property.

Visit the local police to ask for crime statistics of the neighborhood to determine if it is a safe place to reside. If you take a look at the multiple listing service or MLS, you can also assess recent property sales in the area. Make an appointment with a real estate evaluator to check for the price averages in recent years and ask if that neighborhood is a good place to invest in property.

Network with fellow real estate investors and get a feel for the value of certain neighborhoods. Ask for recent trends of a given Findlay Creek area and find out its future potential value.

Overall, you need to look for gems in Findlay Creek neighborhoods that are not too luxurious but at the same time are not low-value areas. If an area appeals to you, evaluate its market value as a community and start looking for a property. Remember, the better the area, the better your chances are for landing a great investment deal.

Orleans Real Estate And The Law Of Averages

It is said that there is a house for everybody and that your [] home is meant for somebody. If it is still sitting on the market and has not yet been sold, it simply hasn't been seen by the right person yet. Any real estate agent can tell you that this is very true. Even if the house has dramatic out points, there is still a buyer that is looking for a fixer-upper for it. The only thing that can really stop the sale in its tracks is severe structural damage.

Getting your Orleans home noticed

One of the most important things that you need to find in a Orleans real estate agent is the ability to put your house in front of other people's eyes. The more people that view your house the sooner it will sell. It is just a matter of working with the law of averages and getting the most people through your house as possible. That way you will be able to find the special someone that is meant to purchase your house all the more sooner.

Orleans Real estate agent's role

The end product that the real estate agent in Orleans needs to meet is getting your household sold to your satisfaction. Your satisfaction will be different than another person's. You may be willing to settle on a smaller profit if it means that your house gets sold as soon as possible. If the real estate agent is not able to make as much money out of the deal but gets it sold quickly for you, then he has done a bang up job. Everyone has their own purposes and reasons for selling a home and a real estate agent needs to work alongside these goals to make sure that he gets the final product.

The way this is accomplished is by getting people to see the house. You need to find a Orleans real estate agent that you know can do this efficiently. A constant stream of viewers is going to lead to a faster sale. It is your responsibility to not only find a real estate agent in Orleans that you feel comfortable working with, but one that can get you the product you want in a house sale.

A good listener

The best agent you can find is one that really listens to what you want out of the real estate process. Some people are moving on to a bigger house and need as much money as they can get by selling their existing home. Others need to move fast. Others have to sell a home because of a death in the family and do not want to have any hands-on dealings with the selling process at all, because it is too hard to face at the time. A good real estate agent will also be a good listener and work in tangent with the clients needs, hopes and wants.

If you need someone that will listen to your goals and purposes for selling your house, don't hesitate to call. I have worked with many clients in different situations. Will need to get people looking at your home fast so that it sells quicker and you end up being totally satisfied with the final product.

Ottawa Bungalow Or Two Story?

The debate is on over the best type of house - an Ottawa, Ontario bungalow or a two-story. Both obviously have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes it is just a matter of price that determines the final decision.

If you are in your forties, or older, an Ottawa, Ontario bungalow should be considered. As retirement approaches you need to think about your health in the coming years.  Do you plan on staying in this house until you reach the ripe old age of 95 and are still able to maintain a residence? If so, there is no guarantee on how you will be able to handle stairs at an older age. Stairs can be a big burden for the elderly.

If you're young and healthy and this is a starter home for you, stairs give you a great chance to get exercise without even thinking about it. Think about all the people that have to go to a gym to make use of a stair-master piece of equipment. You'll have it in your own home for free. Going up and down stairs will become such a habit that you'll stay in better shape without even realizing that you're exercising.

Some people also like the idea of different floors for a house. There may be more of a sense of privacy and noise isolation in an Ottawa, Ontario two-story home. Many people have just been raised in a two-story home as a child and prefer it over any other kind of house.

Once you have lived in one type of house for a number of years you can get very comfortable with it. Take a look at the kind of house you have been living in and whether you are willing to consider something different, or whether you are not willing simply because you have grown accustomed  to one type of home. If you think about it, you may actually prefer another style of home over the one you're currently living in.

The price for an Ottawa, Ontario bungalow will vary according to the area of town it is an. It will also depend on how large the home is and what features it offers. The same holds true for a two-story house in Ottawa. One is not necessarily cheaper than another since there are so many variables involved.

If you'd like to talk about the different types of houses available in Ottawa and whether an Ottawa, Ontario bungalow or a two-story would be best, give me a call. I can let you know some thoughts that other clients have voiced about two-stories and bungalows that you may never have considered.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate in Ottawa

In the Ottawa Real Estate sector, and all real estate agencies across the board actually, both commercial and residential agents are bound to strict rules of ethics and professionalism. Both areas of expertise agents are required to attend a specified number of hours per year in ongoing education. This is mandatory and can influence the status of their employment. All agents are expected to stay up to date on current issues regarding financing, loans, requirements for home buyers, as well as home sellers. All agents are involved in everything involved in transactions and how they should be conducted and well as when they should be conducted.

Rates and programs available to assist buyers and sellers alike change rapidly. A good agent needs to be on top of the latest facts and figures. This is expected so that the transactions can be made as quickly and efficiently as possible with positive outcome on both ends. It is expected that the agent for either category of properties will guide the client to programs specific to what their wants and needs are. A client expects that either agent, within their realm of expertise will inform them of special pricing or rates that may be occurring at any given moment. A client should be able to count on the agent to lead in an honest and forthright manner.

The specific differences between a commercial and residential agent is basically the extent of training in each category. Whereas residential real estate deals with single or multifamily units, houses, and condos, commercial agents function more in business structures, offices, warehouses, storerooms, and business properties. The training for this sector in most agencies, including Ottawa Real Estate, is specified to particular needs of the business world. They need to have special training on zoning ordinances, spacing, and office square footage issues, placements of bigger equipment in appropriate areas, as well as parking accommodations and borough and county ordinances.

Any business opportunities, franchises, environmental issues and licensing issues that you may need information on or assistance with, can be handled by a good commercial agent. All agents have special access to marketing tools and online areas to help them be the most informed on any and all situations that may arise. All agents have immediate access to current, pricing; list pricing, rebates available and special facts and figures that are needed at a moment’s notice. It is up to the agent to make good use of the tools they have available to them at their fingertips. As with any line of work, you will find good and bad. Hopefully if you are in need of any help on residential or commercial property issues you will have a knowledgeable and informed agent to guide you. The agent can make the road to home or business ownership very pleasant or very confusing for you. You always have the option, as a client to request someone who could better serve your needs. Hopefully your experience will be a great one. 

Tips for Ottawa First Time Home Buyers

Making the decision to bite the bullet and finally start looking for a home of your own can be a very exciting time in your life. That being said, it can also be a very nerve wracking and apprehensive time for you when you are actually going through the process. It is not an easy feat, that’s for sure, but there are some common sense ways that the first time home buyer should keep in mind along the way to keep things in focus. Focus is the key word. You must keep everything in perspective about what you want and what you really need. You really do need to differentiate between the two.

The first and most important idea you want to keep at the forefront is that you need to live within your means. If you do not honestly evaluate your financial status and know exactly what monies are coming in, compared to how much is being paid out, you are going to find yourself knee deep in debt further down the line. Set your budget for the price range you will look at right off the bat. Do not base that number on the fact that you are expecting to get a raise or a promotion this year. That’s a wild gamble. Go on the facts and figures that you are working with RIGHT NOW. If you don't, it will come back to bite you in the butt sooner than you could imagine.

Don't live on pipe dreams. Know your budget and stick with it. Real estate agents are notorious for telling the prospective first time home buyer that they can afford something much more lavish and expensive. They have a way of tapping into the excitement of it all and pulling you in to believing you really could afford something nicer. Don't fall for it! The agent is not the one who is going to have to rob Peter to save Paul. They will not be the person debating on whether the gas should get paid OR the water, cause you can't swing paying both. And heaven forbid, another child arrives unexpectedly, they won’t be sitting up at night worrying about how you will get enough diapers and food, and a good education for that precious child. It will be you in the middle. Set your budget for the here and now and stick to it.

Keep in mind that, aside from the actual purchase of the home, there will be furniture you need and appliances to purchase, and many other little expenses for moving in that add up very quickly. Make it easy on yourself. After all you don't want to end up buying an overly expensive house that you are   never in enough to enjoy because you had to get 3 more jobs to pay for it. That’s not living. That just exists. Don't fall into that trap. The first house you buy is going to be just that, it’s your first house. It is not going to be your last. Bigger and better things will come your way as you advance in your career or establish better business opportunities.  Everything will change. Your day will come to have that big house on the hill with the white picket fence around it. You want to be happy in your new home and you are excited. Keep that happiness and excitement alive by not overextending yourself. Base your decisions on buying a new home around facts and figures, not fiction. You will be happier in the long run.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

There is so much to be said about Ontario’s capital city.  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is indeed regarded as one of the most affordable cities among 144 international cities. Ironically, the city also rated at number 19 out of 200 cities for having the best quality of life. That speaks volumes about the people, their business ethics, and their zest for life in general. That's not surprising when you realize all the artistic, musical, and cultural opportunities that are made available to the people of this prime city. They do know how to have fun and it shows in their friendly dispositions. Not only have those, the people who make up the 900,000 strong populations seemed to be a very intellectual breed too. There are more doctors, engineers and scientist graduates residing in Ottawa than any other city in the country can even come close too. It is also has well over 1500 high tech companies operating there.

People from all over the world tour this magical city regularly to experience a glimpse of what it’s all about. The city has over 30 museums in it, which is the most of any Canadian regions. The most visited museum, The Canadian Museum of Civilization is in Ottawa. Festivals in this town are in abundance. There is always something to celebrate, whether it's the tulips in the spring, the Blues fest in summer, or The Chambers Music Festival at summers end. In the winter months, it’s a picture perfect winter wonderland with the freezing temperatures and ice skaters galore gathering at the ponds to whirl around a bit. The most famous of the rinks is Ottawa’s Rideau Canal. It is the largest in the entire world. It’s a terrific gathering place, on this naturally frozen pond, for kids, teens, or for romantic rendezvous for all ages. Nothing like a nice cup of hot chocolate afterwards to take the chill off and then get right back to it.  There is always a gathering of minds and spirits and tremendous talent among the Canadians. Physical endurance, as well as stamina is evident by the mass numbers of people involved in biking, skating, hiking, and jogging.

There are over hundreds of miles of trails in and around the city. They are specifically designed to accommodate those who enjoy being next to nature and crave the fresh air and natural beauty the city has to offer. It’s not unusual on a Sunday morning to have miles of the main parkways shut down to vehicles so the bikers and joggers can enjoy yet more space. There is an entire network of recreational paths available to those who care to partake in the splendor of it all. The trails highlight the green, lush land and focus on the cities conservation efforts. There is a marvelous story that accompanies each and every site in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The people who live there will never leave and the people who are passing through on a visit never want to leave.