Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sandy Hill Park Receives Urban Design Award

Sandy Hill Flood Control and Park Rehabilitation, 250 Somerset Street East

Sandy Hill Park has traditionally served as a major community hub for neighbourhood residents. The new park design incorporates an improved layout, modernized facilities and comfortable outdoor places. Each and every design element of the park respects the engineering design of the flood control and stormwater management plan, as well as local community input. Grade changes were used to shape a new landscape with natural slopes and high impact stonewalls, while also visually cradling park users within this green space. The stormwater management pond, which sits above the underground storage tank and is one meter below the surrounding pathways in the centre of the park, can be utilized as a multi-sport field in the summer and an ice rink in the winter. The quality of this urban space is demonstrated through its dual utility as a flood control solution and a beautiful community asset.

Some of the jury comments: “An engineering feat that is married with the landscape, and that improves the community. This project has well-articulated edges, deals effectively with surface water and goes beyond typical engineering solutions. The urban space also excites the community and offers them unexpected recreational opportunities.”

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